Multiferroic properties of BiFeO3 /CoFe2O4 multilayers structure at room temperature

  • S. Rojas Flores University of Puerto Rico
  • D. Barrionuevo Universidad César Vallejo
  • Luis M. Angelats Silva Universidad Nacional de Trujillo


BiFeO /CoFe O multilayer films were deposited by spin coating on Pt (Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si) substrates and 3 2 4 annealed at 700, 725 and 750 °C. The precursor of BiFeO /CoFe O for multilayers structure was 3 2 4 synthesized by chemical solution method. Patterns x-ray diffraction of the multilayers system revealed the composite-like structure. The leakage current was found less than 10-6 Amp at electric field below 100 kV/cm, which it shows the ohmic behavior of BiFeO /CoFe O . Dielectric constant decreases with increasing 3 2 4 in the frequency range 103-106 Hz. BiFeO /CoFe O system shows the co-existence of ferroelectric 3 2 4 polarization (Pr) = 65 and 51 μC/cm2 and magnetization (Mr) =102 and 47 emu/cm3 at room temperature. Observed ferromagnetic and ferroelectric responses in multilayers system may be useful for bi-functional devices.

Key words: Multiferroic properties, multilayers structure, ferromagnetic and ferroelectric responses



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